Analytics Connect For Infusionsoft




Finally Infusionsoft and Google Analytics can play nicely…

Our software automatically posts all sales data from your Infusionsoft shopping cart to Google Analytics E-Commerce and Google AdWords Conversion Tracking in real-time. The E-Commerce section of your Google Analytics account will show all transaction data enabling Google’s advanced tools for analyzing online business performance. Your Google AdWords account will also receive this data providing exact return on investment calculations for the Conversion Optimizer which bids automatically to provide you with profits, rather than simply clicks.

How It Works

First, you’ll need to have your Infusionsoft account fully setup with the ability to process orders. You’ll also need to be sure that Google Analytics is setup, configured for cross-domain tracking, and recording page views for your website. Optionally, if you have a Google AdWords account, you’ll want to verify that your ads are running correctly. You’re then ready to sign up for an account with us. Account creation is quick and easy. We give you one line of code to paste into the footer of your thank you page. And if you’re not comfortable with editing the code on your website, we offer professional installation. It’s that simple: one line of code and everything else happens auto-magically.